Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Giant Eagle Ad 1/17-1/23

Giant Eagle has somewhat of an impressive ad this time. Bear with me b/c this may be long. Again our GE has dbl's up to a $1.

B1G1F GE Boneless Skinless Chicken breast -$1 (dbl) off any one and you can use 2 coupons on this transaction so you can use a coupon on a freebie.

General Mills Cereal like Lucky Charms, Cheerios Crunch, and etc $2.00-.75 (dbl)=.50 for Cheerios Crunch*** my fav***
$2.00-$1/2 (dbl)=2/$2 for the other kinds
Yoplait Yogurt .50/1-$1/8(dbl)= 8/$2
****NOTE: $10 OYNO wyb $20 in the above products before coupon savings****

Lipton noodle sides $1-.40/2(dbl)=2/.80cents
Ragu $1.25-.50/2 (dbl)= 2/$1.50
Skippy PB $2-.40(dbl)=$1.20
Wishbone Salad Spritzer $1.66-.75 (dbl)= .16 cents!
Hellmans Mayo $3-.40 (dbl)= $2.20
Keebler Fudge Cookies $1.66-$1 **IP**dbl= Free +ovg
Captain Crunch Cereal $2.25-$1/2 (dbl)= 2/$2.50
Life Cereal $2-$1/2(dbl)=2/$2
Quaker Oatmeal $1.50-.60(dbl)=.30 cents
Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix/Syrup $2-$1/2(dbl)= 2/$2
***note: $3 oyno wyb 5 quaker, aunt jemima, life cereal, or captain crunch products***
Heinz Gravy $1.25-$1/3(dbl)=3/$1.75
Johnsonville Sausage $3.69-.55(dbl)=$2.59
Clorox Wipes and All Purpose Cleaner <----my best friend :) $2.00
Clorox Bleach $1.33 ***There is a free clorox bleach coupon wyb any 2 clorox products so you could buy bleach, wipes, cleaner and etc.***
Gladware Containers $2.50-$1/2 (dbl)= 2/$3
I cant believe its not butter $1.66-.60/2(dbl)=2/$2.12
Breyers ice Cream $3.50-.55(dbl)=$2.40
Totinos Pizza Rolls 4/$5=1.25-.40(dbl)=.45/1 box
**Save $1 Instantly wyb all 4 boxes so 4/$4**
Kotex Pads (16-24ct) or Tampons (18 ct) $2.50-$1(dbl)= .50 cents!!
Qtips $2-.30(dbl)=$1.40
Crest Toothpaste $2.33-.75(dbl)=.83 cents
Oral B Toothbrush $2.33-.75 (dbl) = .83 cents
Crest Satin Floss $2.33-$1 (dbl)= .33 cents **great deal on this exp.floss!
Blistex $2-.35(dbl)=$1.30
Vaseline Lotion $3-$1 **IP**(dbl)=$1.00
Degree Deod./Dove $3-$1(dbl)=$1.00
Alka Seltzer $2.99-.75 (dbl) =$1.49

Many Many Good things, I wish i had the oatmeal coupons but sadly we never got any of those :( I love oatmeal. But anyways hope someone can find this useful I certainly do. I never was into couponing before i just thought what the heck is .30 cents off thats no big deal until i learned what its all about. Just cut the coupons you never know what your going to get a good deal on! It has helped us so much!If i can share one thing with any other newlyweds or even engaged people or just anyone overall its use coupons learn your stores dbling policies and use them!!! Enjoy!!!

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