Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My latest obsession is trying to decorate our apartment and make it feel like a home. No more blank boring walls!!! My recent find was Empire West Ceiling Tiles. The greatest thing is that you can order 3 samples for free and only pay shipping. I know shipping cost varies from state to state, but ours was 8.95 for all three by UPS. So they end up being about $3 a piece. I cannot wait to receive them. We are hanging one in our master bath in this design in Moss. We may have to paint depending upon the color. Many other nesties have used spray paint and it works beautifully. Hopefully this color will go wonderfully and then we wont have to paint it. The second one is for our bathroom and is called the Victorian Ceiling Tile. The top tile is the Florentine ceiling tile. We ordered two in this design but in sand and latte. We are planning on hanging one or both above the tv in our LR. Most likely we will paint them so they are are similar in color. Great deal for some wall art!!!

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