Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Projects are fun! Hurricane Candle Holder

I love crafting and making things for our house! I just wish we owned our first house already, someday soon we will. I went to Crafts Direct today after taking Dh some lunch. I purchased a bunch of small items and then found a new centerpiece for our coffee table. I will break down the cost to make it as well. I purchased the 8" hurricane, vinyl words, and candle. I already had the ribbons and crystals. Ignore our paper towels and toaster lol in the pic on the right.

*Make sure you clean the glass before placing the vinyl on the glass, they suggest you mark the glass and the back of the vinyl in order to align the words straight, i didnt need to do this.

*Rub the vinyl words with a popsicle stick to make sure it attaches to the adhesive tape, slowly pull off the backing and if need be rub each letter so that it attaches to the tape, sometimes when you are pulling it off some of the letters may stick to the other piece of paper.

* Place the words where you want them and push down in the center and out to each side to make sure there are no air bubbles. Pull off the paper and Ta Da!!

*Hot glue each piece of ribbon to the glass wherever you want it.

*Place candle in the center and pour crystals, rocks, stones, or anything you want around the candle. Thats it! You have something great for a coffee table, kitchen table, counter, shelf, or wherever you want to place it.

8 " hurricane $3.00- on sale

3x6 candle $3.25-on sale

Vinyl words $2.40 w/ store coupon



Total =$8.65

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