Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hard days

Ive been having a hard week. It started last week really. I just wanted to share something that ive been carrying with me a ton recently. One of my best friends, gave me this book when I was having a really bad time and its my most treasured gift. Here is one of my favorite quotes in the book. It doesnt say who wrote it but i always turn to this quote for everything.

The apple tree itself,
if it ever found a voice,
could tell us
some things about life;
Bow to storms-
They will pass.
You can bend in the wind
without breaking.
You dont know how strong
you are until
your strength is tested.

I have also turned to this one many times.

"Adversity rewrites the stories
of our lives, changes the cast
of characters, and alters
what we expected would happen.
Yet the stories go on and someday,
behind the scenes, we'll find
the true importance
of their twists and turns."

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