Friday, February 13, 2009

Few other things from Target

Global Bazarr is your friend :) 75% off also. There was this huge wall hanging/mirror (2nd image) that i have been looking at since it ever went on the shelves. For a long time, Dh and I wanted some kind of burst hanging. Well this one is in the shape of a flower. I was shocked that Dh loved it just as much as i did, i mean what man loves a flower that will hang on the wall. Our bedroom is the only one that hasnt been totally redone. We want this to hang over our bed. Was $99 Now $24

The top mirror, i just could resist either and i have no idea where it will go. We will see what Dh says but i love the material the mirror is made out of. Was $80 Now $20. They also have it in round, now im wondering if i should have gotten round. Its not as yellowish as that picture makes it, its much more white in color.
I also bought a wall hanging that has a tree in it like a shadow box. I have this thing for trees i dont know what it is. Theres no image online for that but it was $8. Then i found a few knick knacks like decorative pieces and other things for my friends shower ;) Enjoy the clearance while its around!

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