Saturday, February 7, 2009


I have a dr. appointment feb.27th and im terrified. Prior i had 3 exams that could not be finished because i was in so much pain. Now i know that this type of exam should be a bit uncomfortable but everyone keeps reassuring me that its nothing and should not hurt. I just cant get this out of my head. Previously i was at the hospital and was scared and upset, so im trying to train my mind that maybe it was worse because of what i was going through then. I already know i need to knock it off and stop thinking about it cause then i will be through the roof.

I know it needs to be done because i want some answers. I have this gut feeling that clomid is coming my way. Ive read about the bad side effects but what else can i do? So if anyone reads this please keep me in your prayers because im truly afraid.

On a side note, we did our taxes and we are getting a refund. YAY!! So i will finally be getting a kitchen table, hooray! We went looking today at like 3 stores and i couldnt even find one that i half liked let alone one that i had to have. Im hoping to find one before March, since my mother in law and sister in law are coming to visit, and the card table with the table cloth has got to go after a year!!

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Danielle said...

Awww don't be terrified! Like you said - it will only make it worse! You're in my thoughts and prayers :)
I'm hoping to get a kitchen table with our tax return too!!