Monday, February 2, 2009

Thankful for

I am thankful for an amazing husband who supports me no matter what. Someone who may not appear sensitive to the outside, but is very sensitive. I swear he has the biggest heart of any man i have ever known. Were on to yet another month of trying and i cant help but dread it and feel a sense of gloom like why even keep trying when its not happening. Im dealing extremely well with it knowing how much worse I have been.

My husband doesnt cry at the drop of a dime or anything but i feel like the TTC is finally catching up with him. He rushed home and hugged me so tight and started to well up a bit and im like its okay, im okay. We just have to find out what the next step is. Well we know what it is its just a matter of getting an appointment. We may have to go to a meeting this wednesday and im really nervous if thats what she does want us to do. Its just an informational meeting with a bunch of other couples. I really really think very highly of those girls who go through IUI or IVF but i dread it. I will admit im the biggest baby ever and not to mention its really $$$$. Our next mission is a SA and then finding a new OB/Gyn. My PCP said they will probably want me to get on Clomid to track the ovulation since my cyles are very abnormal lately and then move ahead with that. They may also want to do another ultrasound to check the cyst that I have. Which is what I am most concerned with. Im really worried it is something more then the last doctor said. Ever since i found out i had it my cycles have been off the chart.

Im very thankful for my family as well. You never know what is going to happen so hug them tight and let them know how much you love them. Every breath you take can change in a matter of moments. Be mindful of those around you because you may not know it but your words can make or break someone.

Im thankful for my friends and most of all my nestie friends. I cant imagine going through any of this without their words of support and encouragement and yes even love. They have made a very large difference in my life so far from home.

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