Thursday, January 8, 2009

BE Makeup

Oh how i love thee :) My husband and mom did well for me. I received 4 new sets for christmas and i love them all. I just tried one of them today. It was the Ruby Collection. To preface this, i had ordered this collection for my mom back in september. As soon as it arrived at our house i fell in love with it. Granted i did not rip it open and start using it just looked at the pieces in it. I immediately put it on my husbands list. That was so easy considering he could look right at the box and know what it was.

I believe its only sold at sephora which is where i purchased my mom's from. It comes with the cutest red clutch ever. You can put make up in it but i just think its way too cute to use for that. Its a 9 piece collection which includes the clutch. Im very fair skinned and it looks great on me :) The colors are neutral in my opinion. The liner when wet was like a medium brown tone with a hint of red too it sort of like a clay color. The shadows were light in color and golden and brown tones. The ruby comes in for the cheek and gloss. The cheek isnt a dark red or anything by any means and same for the gloss. Remember its all about application :) If you want it darker apply more.

When i purchased it i believe it was on sale for around $49. I see its now $54 on You can probably find it on ebay or even check ulta and qvc. Im almost positive its not on qvc at all but it could be by now. I loved this set and the ruby mascara end is not overpowering at all it adds like little rubies on the ends of your lashes=great!!

Ill review the other kits as i try them. I will have one or two more to review tomorrow. Enjoy it BE girls :)

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