Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tested some samples

Heres a few things i tested today, let me preface by saying that i received these back in december or even late november. It came in the traincase from sephora for free :) Gotta love freebies.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion- $16 @ Sephora for a full size. I have heard raves about this product and it does work pretty well. The shadow holds on well and everything. Since i have a bunch of BE products, i really want to try their eye primer and see how it compares. I would recommend this though!

Smashbox Photo Finish Light Primer--$36 @Sephora. I have tried the Prime Time Primer from Bare Escentuals and i prefer it over this one. This one is different from just the regular photo finish primer. This is geared toward people with oily skin and sensitive skin. While i do have sensitive skin, i have very very dry skin. This requires more then the BE Prime Time Primer. The BE primer says pea size and that is beyond accurate. You dont need hardly any at all. Both make your face very smooth but the texture after it is applied and your make up is on feels different to me. Im going to get the BE primer and that primer is only $21 compared to the smashbox.

Cosmedicine Primary Care SPF 20 Moisturizer- $48 @ Sephora. I really did not like this. It did not moisturize like it should for the price. Luckily mine was just a sample. Its thin and requires a lot and I still did not feel moisturized. I would not recommend this.

Anastasia brow powder duo: Came with two colors in ash blonde and brunette. I tried both colors of the ash blonde, the darker one was better but not exactly right for my brows. My brows are reddish blonde, which i see on the website they do offer a color duo for that. The duo is $22 @ Sephora. Im iffy on brow powder as it is because i have never really used any before and Im not sure id use it everyday or even enough to cover the cost of it. It wasnt bad though and went on well with a flat edged brush which i already own.

Thats what i tried today and the rest of the samples, either dont apply to me yet ( like wrinkles and eye lifts) and 3 of them were tinted foundations or moisturizers and were way too dark for me. Have a great day everyone!

**Id like to add really quickly, I made the recipe from yesterdays post and it was sooo yummy were having leftovers tonight.**

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