Monday, January 12, 2009

Topaz Kit by BE

I love love love this kit. Can i say love one more time ? LOL. Its a great brown/tan kit. It is $54. It was at ulta and qvc before and as i search i cannot find it at ulta anymore but it is on My mom actually bought it for me for Christmas and i adore it. The colors went on really well and i did not have any fallout problems. It really made my green eyes pop.

The lush topaz liner is green and it is amazing i absolutely loved it. The soft focus brush and the precision eyeliner brush are great. I just cant get enough of the soft focus brush for the blush. The blush wasnt too dark at all. Im very fair skinned, of course since i have red hair and green eyes :) The smokey topaz and luminous topaz were great. The smokey was a perfect color that was very pigmented of course adn the luminous added a great shimmer below the brow. The tempest is a bit darker then pictured but it all depends on how you layer it on too. It does have a brush tip and not a sponge tip but still wearable and great. I needed to branch out from my comfort zone and try a bit darker color and this was great. Its not deep red or anything. I would say its a cross between a dark mauve with some reddish orange in it.

I just have to add that im just now getting back into liners. This brush was my life saver! Everytime before now I just went without liner because everytime i would put it on my eyes would water and water and this time it did not happen. So if i can do it, i know others can. Oh and i love how the brushes have stones in the bottom of the handles.

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