Monday, January 12, 2009

Chocolate Decadence Review

I did try the set that very next day. However i only used 2 of the colors. I used the Dulce de leche and the tiramisu. The dulce de leche is great as a highlighter. Its very light and sparkly. The dulce de leche was just okay. I really had to go back in a few times to get some good color. The other two i have not tried yet. Its a cute little set that is $28 at sephora and My dh was so thoughtful and purchased it as a one time special so he bought it for $23 on qvc.

It is smaller in size, so it is not the normal eyeshadow size. They are .01 oz each and comes with a cute brush. I have to say that i do not care for the brush but some others may.

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