Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cutest shoes!

I actually purchased these like a week but they are the cutest. They are Mossimo Vennie. This picture does them no justice. I purchased them in black. When you look at them straight on they look like the cutest heels but no heel. I like heels and flats so these are great! They were 75% off in store, i see online they are half off. I kept looking at them prior to purchasing then i had to go back and get them. I think paid $8 for them at the store. So cute. The fit seems fine i would even say they are a bit widetowards the top of my foot but thats good for me because i have wide feet :) I went with my normal size and was plenty fine. Ive been busy getting back to classes and etc and im expecting 2 boxes today in the mail so expect some reviews. Have a great Hump day!

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