Friday, January 30, 2009

TTC going on month 11

I cant believe that in March it will be a year. Its been a long hard ride. Some days are better then others recently. Im still holding on to that hope and its hard when everyone around you is getting pregnant except for you. Its so difficult to explain to anyone. I really did wish some family like my mom and my mother in law did know because i almost feel as though if i had their prayers then maybe for once we would be successful.

Sometimes those who are TTC can make up symptoms in their head and get really excited, that includes me sometimes. The problem with that is all your hopes and dreams get up so high and then come crashing down. Its so intense to go back and forth but we still hang in there. It is finally catching up to Nick and my heart goes out to him because hes behind as far as the emotions go. We really just want to have a baby and make the most of every day and no matter what we can do this and push through. I say this now but tomorrow i could feel the exact opposite thats just how this goes.

I think that some people don't realize how much their happiness can hurt others, which by no means makes it their fault. Things are difficult to hear or read but eventually you just move past it and get back to enjoying life. I guess vent over and lesson learned.

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